A. F. Bach Video Gallery

Here you can watch some videos, hosted right here on afbach.com.

YouTube burned me, so I burned them right back. I deleted all my videos, deleted all my Google accounts, and I quit watching YouTube altogether. Now I’m going to do my video hosting in-house.

Digital Harpsichord Demonstrations

These videos demonstrate various aspects of the digital harpsichord.

Music Performances

These videos are of musical performances, played on the harpsichord or other instruments.


This is way better than Guitar Hero!

These are my cover versions of various songs. Many of these feature drum & bass accompaniment provided by a BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-880. Ordinarily I would only play these in private settings, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak I’m uploading them publicly instead. Also due to the COVID-19 outbreak I’ve become a one-man-band out of necessity.