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About A. F. Bach Productions LLC

A. F. Bach Productions LLC Logo A. F. Bach Productions LLC is a new company formed in 2020 to sell website development and rent digital harpsichords. The company is located in Manalapan, New Jersey.

Personal Story from the founder, Zim Lin / “A. F. Bach”

I did some website work on the side, although it was using other people’s themes. Eventually the thought occurred to me that I should finally have a website of my own. I thought of designing something very special just for myself, imagined how it would look and behave before I wrote any code. I decided to challenge myself if I could make my website exactly as I imagined it, and I succeeded. Since I was successful I’ve decided to try selling my website design skills.

In addition, I had created a digital harpsichord out of the old Yamaha OPL3 chip from DOS PCs. I kept playing different types of music on it and adding MIDI features inspired by real harpsichords and electric guitars. So I’ve decided it’s time to try selling it too.

In all honesty, I don’t know if anyone would actually be interested in renting my “harpsichord,” but well, you have to actually do it to find out!

About A. F. Bach the character

profile If we could take our modern music and play it for one of the great classical composers, we all assume they would hate it. But what if one of them didn’t hate it, but instead embraced it? That was the idea that Zim Lin had behind A. F. Bach.

With that idea in mind Zim has taken A. F. Bach and adopted it as his stage name, and is aiming to make A. F. Bach into an 18th century rock star. His first attempt was to get a keytar and play his harpsichord on that. Unfortunately, he played it so much he broke the keytar before he got any chance to show it in front of anyone. His second attempt is to pair the harpsichord up with the electric guitar by doing covers. So he then set out to learn how to play the guitar, and in doing so burned through many sets of guitar strings at a really rapid pace. Now he is proficient enough at the guitar to put it all out and see what kind of reaction it gets.

About afbach.com

afbach.com’s overriding philosophy in its design is simplicity. The website is hosted by Dreamhost (affiliate link), built with Jekyll, and has a bespoke theme designed by A. F. Bach using half of the Min CSS framework. The audio/video players use MediaElement.js. All the website code is edited using the Vim editor. Photos edited using the GIMP, drawings made in Inkscape. Videos are edited with iMovie.

afbach.com does not use any of the following:

Some of the above is bad, some of it isn’t, but if I don’t need them… then don’t use them!

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