Has your ensemble always wanted to play with a harpsichord, but you just couldn’t afford one? Are you worried about the maintenance requirements, or intimidated by the constant retuning?

Now A. F. Bach has made it easy for you. We have created a new digital harpsichord and are making it available for rental in the central New Jersey area & beyond.

We have made it a priority to include features specifically intended for harpsichord performances instead of throwing in a “harpsichord sound” as an afterthought.
Watch my performance of “Winter” by Vivaldi
Watch the video explaining the MIDI features
See more examples from the video gallery

It does not require tuning, but can be tuned to 440, 415, 432, or any other common A4 frequency. It can also be tuned in historical temperaments (such as Kirnberger, Werckmeister, or Vallotti) if desired. Now you can enjoy the key color that you’re missing from equal temperament! If no specific tuning is specified, it will be tuned in the Bach/Lehman temperament.
Download our temperament tuning cheat sheet

Your rental includes the following:

If you are interested, contact us by sending an email to info@afbach.com.