Theme from Airwolf

Update February 2023

This video has been rerecorded again with a much better microphone on the guitar. Sounds really amazing now! Good enough to be used in an Airwolf reboot, I dare say.

Update Nov 2022

This is the second of my videos to get the remake treatment. It now benefits from better recording of the guitar, better audio postprocessing, advanced video editing, and color grading. Enjoy the superior quality!

Original Post

The main theme from the Airwolf television series. I watched a few episodes on some oldies TV station, and what I remembered most was the theme song. Here is my cover version on electric guitar & harpsichord. Drums + Bass supplied by BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-880.

Instrument tracks now have more post-processing applied, so enjoy the better audio quality.

Harpsichord tuned in 440Hz Bach/Lehman temperament, guitar tuned 440Hz equal temperament.

Published on February 20, 2023

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